What is TRX

TRX or in other words “Total Body Resistance Exercise” is the sport’s development in recent decades and since 1990 has been introduced to the world.

So that each athlete with a planned quarter even from the beginner can reach the desired level.
TRX is a device consisting of a Sports Bra Strap with unique design of skydiving In addition, two handles and a hook at the top is Bndqrar.

In this exercise people using the stanza to a ceiling or wall is based on body weight and balance exercises are performed. These exercises cause the body to consume more energy in comparison with many other disciplines in the sport. Improve muscle endurance training is one of the positive points in this system. In addition, the muscles can be strengthened blind for good.

each peripheral can do your exercises
For example, in this exercise abdominal movement is designed only about 70.

It also has medical applications and is also including rehabilitation help repair damaged tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints that have been damaged due to wrong exercise.

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